Friday, June 22, 2012

The fresh face of 10!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! You have entered the age of double digits and it looks great on you!

For a girl who loves nothing more than to be playing outside she received the perfect gifts. A new bike, a pogo stick and a badminton racket of her very own. Along with a few other things and some good old cash from grandparents.
She enjoyed her day to the fullest, which she is so very good at.
Breakfast out at the Dutch Pannekoek House, then off to school. Skipping school on your birthday has never been an option but even if it was she would choose to go. She's too much of a social girl to miss hanging out with her friends. Popsicles were her treat of choice to share with her class so I brought those up 10 min. before the end of the day and she enjoyed handing them out to her classmates.
After school she spent some time running around outside with her friends enjoying some rare warm weather. Tacos were her dinner of choice and Daniela, Nana, and Opa joined us. After dinner we all walked the the playground for some badminton games and more playing with friends. Then back home for birthday cake.
As I tucked her in at bedtime I again realized how Reagan is such a blessing to our family and how thankful I am that she is ours. She enjoyed every aspect of the day and takes life exactly how it is handed to her, usually with a smile.
Reagan, you are truly a gem and we love you!

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