Sunday, June 10, 2012

A new meaning

The words 'football season has started' used to mean simply one thing in our house. It meant I had now lost Tony every Sunday, every Monday night, and the occasional Saturday or Thursday to NFL football on TV.
This week it meant something entirely different. It meant driving to football practices 3 nights a week, a trip to the doctor and x-ray clinic for a possible torn tendon in a thumb, fitting mouthgaurds, signing concussion forms (?!!?) and washing really horribly smelly football gear.
Cooper and Hudson both started tackle football this week.
Hudson for the Abbotsford Falcons and Cooper for the Bateman Wolves, where he will be going to high school next year.
Fortunately, Cooper's 5-day-a-week practices happen right in our backyard at the high school field. No driving and most importantly, I can spy on him.
Which of course I did. I took all of these with my zoom lens, hiding in our backyard. Trying my best not to embarrass him.
He's #24.

After only 5 practices Cooper was more exhausted than I have ever seen him.
Hudson was tired too, but more bummed out about his injured thumb. Makes it pretty hard to catch a ball. Another doctor appt this week with another x-ray will hopefully tell us a little more.
And some photos of Hudson will show up here soon, I'm sure.

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