Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh, my sweet Reagan... is that you are always getting hurt? I never went through anything like this with Cooper or Hudson. You have sprained your ankle, lost a tooth, and now this:

Our trip out to Aldergrove Lake this Friday started with rain and less than desirable temperatures but we were hopeful and optimistic that the sun would come out which it did. Mary and the kids and Nana joined us for lunch and we enjoyed a couple of hours of pure lakeside fun before it came to a screeching halt at the arrival or the ice cream truck. How, you might ask, could the ice cream truck bring an end to fun, but that is where Reagan was eagerly and excitedly running to when she fell and her face met the ashphalt. This picture really doesn't show very well the sad state that she was in. The whole side of her face was scraped right up, both lips were very swollen and bloody, and her right shoulder was scraped off. I didn't see her fall, but soon heard her screaming. I looked and she had already gotten up to come back to me. What a sad sight. I felt so badly for her and immediately got worried that she had possibly knocked out another tooth. We brought her back to the blanket where we tried to calm her down, washed out her mouth and held some ice to her face. Thank-you to Aunty Mary, Olivia and Rochelle who were so helpful to me. So glad I wasn't on my own to deal with that. I should mention that the three boys(Cooper, Hudson, and Jake) continued on to the ice cream truck to purchase thier treats. I guess they figured that Reagan was being well taken care of and why should they miss out. I handed Rochelle a $20 and she went to help them order what they wanted. If I would have been in my right state I would have mentioned that they were only allowed popsicles or something under $2. But when you blindly send money and say buy ice cream that's what they do - so they all came back with the $3.50 tub of ice cream. Good for them - they know when the opportunity arises, you go for it. Hope you enjoyed them boys.

They brought Reagan a popsicle and she tried to eat it but even that didn't help. She just wanted to go home. So we did. Mary called Nana who had already gone home earlier to please have a bath ready for Reagan. Olivia and Rochelle rode in the van with us and the boys went with Mary. The girls read books to Reagan on the ride home and she was smiling and laughing by the time we were home. She had her bath and then got set up on the couch to watch a movie.

She was a real trooper and bounced back pretty quickly. So thankful for older cousins, a great Nana and a great Aunty who made her feel special and well taken care of.

Last night, we went to White Rock for fish-n-chips and some time at the beach(Nana joined us). As were walking along the boardwalk Taggart looked so cute following along on the train tracks. Of course, I pulled out my camera, only to realize I left the battery at home in the charger. So annoying - of course it is on those times that countless great photo ops present themselves. Watching Tag from behind sitting on the grassy hill overlooking a vast expanse of ocean eating his fish-n-chips, all four kids sitting on the steps of the White Mountain Ice Cream shop eating their ice cream cones, leaning over the side of the pier to count the starfish on the rocks below. I'll just have to try and store those images in my head.


mary said...

Hi Heidy,
I don't think I'll ever forget Friday. I still get all choked up when I think about it. I hope Reagan's face is healing nicely. She was such a great girl following all the instructions to rinse out her mouth and hold ice to her face. While it was hard to take pictures when she is so upset, it is nice now to have a record of it.
By the way - the next time the ice-cream truck comes by, it's my turn to treat all the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a brave girl Reagan!! I am so sorry you hurt you beautiful sweet face. I talked to Oma and she said you were sore but much better and you were being very brave. Next time I come to visit I will buy you 10 ice creams and you and I will eat them all. Deal??
Love you lots, Leni