Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Saturday

We got through another Soccer Saturday and eventhough the weather man said it was going to rain it didn't. Both boys win their games and that was a very good thing since we haven't had a win in a very long time.
Tony is spending the afternoon cleaning up the garden and the kids are outside enjoying the sun.
I have been spending some time on the internet trying to find an idea for a home made advent calendar. I have seen a couple that I quite like, but since I have four to make I'm not sure if I can invest the time or the money. But the problem is that once I get an idea in my head about a project like this I rarely let it go. I tend to obsess about it a little until I have decided what I will do. So tomorrow might call for a trip down south to my favorite scrapbook store to retrieve the items I will need for my plan. I have been inspired, as always, by my favorite blog and this cool idea. Tony, of course, thinks I'm crazy to want to paint 100 little boxes, hang 100 little boxes, and then fill 100 little boxes. But I might have to do it anyway.
Tonight I get to do what I rarely get to do - go for dinner with friends. Very excited to go to an adult restaurant (one with no kid's menu) and have adult converstion. Thanks, Mum, for babysitting.


Anonymous said...

I think you are crazy too about the 100 little boxes but I am absolutely positive that they will be wonderful - as always.

Love, Leni

Anonymous said...

So loved having dinner with you guys...hope I did not chat your ear off, I think adult conversation is even more rare for me. Mark said I was a little unkind to Tony, just poking fun, before he does to me!! Really enjoy you guy's company!! nice English

Anonymous said...

more blog please