Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend highlights

I had a very stay-at-home weekend. I didn't get in the car at all. Lots of sitting around, watching Little House on the Prairie episodes with the kids (we finally got season one from the library), and some decorating the house for Christmas.

The kids all seem to be just getting over something or just getting something. Nothing too serious, but enough to warrant a lot of lying around.

Tony got the Christmas lights on the house yesterday. He added some to the second peak this year which meant he had to get up on the roof. Hudson got very nervous watching him thinking that Dad might fall off. All was good and the lights look great. I just have to work him up to getting up to the third peak for next year.
Also worked on my crazy advent project. One down - three to go. I have until Saturday to get them done so it may be a week of late nights. Wiring all those boxes on to the wreath takes longer than you would think. I like the end result but think the boxes need a little extra decoration. That may have to wait until next year.


mary said...

HI Heidy,
The wreath looks great.
We're really looking forward to Sunday. Let's hope the weather cooperates.
That photo of Tony makes me VERY nervous!!!

olivia said...

the wreath is really coll. im so excited for sunday! see you then!

Rochelle said...

i love little house on the prarie. we haven't seen it for so long!
and the wreath looks really good. all the work was worth it!
can't wait to see you on sunday!

Anonymous said...

I wish I were seeing you on Sunday:-( Love Leni

Heidy said...

Me too Leni, me too. Thanks you for your faithful comments - I look forward to them.