Sunday, December 2, 2007

Warning! Long post.

Oh my goodness - where do I start? I feel that a lot has happened since I last blogged.
Friday was a day was a day off school and since Tony had spent the last two days in Toronto for work he took the day off as well. He spent the morning catching up on some missed sleep while the kids and I went and got groceries, got haircuts, and visited Opa. Opa has taken on the role of Christmas cookie baker this year. Since he is the main Christmas cookie eater we think this is more than fair. He seemed to be doing a great job while we were there - can't wait to try them. I'm sure this role is not an easy one for Oma to give up but in all of our hearts they will still always be 'Oma cookies'.
Also had a very nice visit with Pat and Henry who came for dinner Friday night. Had not seen them for a very long time and I enjoyed catching up very much.

The advent wreaths got done and hung late on the night of the 30th. I cannot take all the credit though, as Tony was there helping me get it done.
Saturday morning they were all kind enough to go downstairs and watch some TV letting Tony and I sleep a little longer. But at some point I heard someone (Reagan, I think) say "hey, look at these!!" That's when I pulled myself out of bed to go down and be with them as they opened their first little box.
In it was a chocolate and a little note to say that today they would all get their own little Christmas tree to decorate for their rooms.
I asked them if they were happy with these and not disappointed that they didn't get the ones they usually got and they all answered with a resounding YES. Made me happy.
We also woke up to snow falling from the sky which cancelled soccer. We still ventured out though, to take Taggart to his very first birthday party (first that he gets to go to alone). He had a great time and when I went to pick him up he was happy and in a new set of clothes. Apparently his juice ended up all down the front of him but he didn't let it affect his fun at all.

This morning we woke up to more snow that came down all day long. The plan for the day was to go get our Christmas tree in the morning and then to decorate gingerbread houses at Nana's. This is an annual event that Mary and the kids also take part in with us. Unfortunately, the snowy weather prevented them from joining us. We did still go out to the Christmas tree farm but the gingerbread houses will have to wait until another day. (We missed you guys today, especially Cooper was so disappointed you didn't come - see you on the 16th)
Our Christmas tree hunt was very succesful. It took a little longer to get there and back because of the snow but the snow is what made it so lovely while we were there. I had prepared and reminded everyone of the process of the Christmas tree search. They have all gotten used to the fact that eventhough they all might try to point out the perfect tree, I am not usually satisfied until we have hiked to the back of the field to determine that there is nothing 'better'. This year I found 'the' tree much sooner than ever before, and eventhough they didn't say it I think they were all a little dissppointed(relieved) that we didn't go for the usual long hunt until everyone is grouchy. I was messing with tradition after all.

After a little rest in the barn cafe for hot chocolate and popcorn to warm up and dry off , we set off back home. (Mary, you would be glad you didn't venture out because the roads were not great)

The rest of the day was filled with naps, dinner at Nana's and of course decorating the tree. Now, as any couple knows that has ever set up a tree together, it can often be a slight time of tension. Every year, in the name of tradition, Tony crawls under the tree and I tell him when it's straight. Every year, in the name of tradition, his left is my right, forward is backward, and by the time it's straight all Christmas spirit has gone out the window.
But not this year! We got ourselves one of those fancy tree stands where all you have to do is push a button and it's straight. (not quite, but close) Anyways, I'm thinking tradition is not always the way to go.
December is off to great start.


mary said...

Nice to see a photo of your dad. I bet he makes great cookies!
We were very disappointed about yesterday - especially me!!! Oh well, keep our fingers crossed that everything works out for the 16th.
I like all your photos - the Christmas season has begun!

Anonymous said...

Very fun update to read! Love the wreaths!! Yay we are on the Christmas count down!!

Anonymous said...

How tall is Cooper!! and look at the snow!! How good for you if you could have a white Christmas?

Your calenders look fabulous and how lovely for the kids. I love the photo of Hudson with his big grin in the background. Miss you all!! Dad looks good in an apron don't you agree?
Love, Leni

Anonymous said...

i wish we could have come to the christmas tree farm with you guys. but im excited for making gingerbread houses! i love that you put up so many photos, they are all so good. tell everybody i say hi!
(tell cooper i really missed him!)