Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chirstmas crafts

There are times when I wish that I had one of those trees that you see in the magazines - all beautifully decorated in a coordinated theme. But that it is not our tree. Our tree is a family tree in the best meaning of the term. There are a few 'store-bought decorations on there (Tony and I buy a new one every year to mark that year) but mostly they are popsicle stick snowmen, glitter covered pinecones, and beaded candy canes. And eventhough I have those moments where I think that our tree doesn't meet the standard, mostly I look at it and smile. We don't live in a magazine - we are a real (crazy) family with a real family tree.

And lately it is beginning to fill up with even more Christmas crafty things brought home from school.

And then of course there are the annual milk carton, graham cracker gingerbread houses. The first one of our collection came home today. Taggart and I made this one at his preschool Christmas party this morning (for him the eating was much better than the making). Reagan and Cooper are looking forward to making theirs tomorrow. (Cooper's class are the 'big buddies' to Reagan's class and so they are doing this activity together) Hudson was a little shocked to learn that he wasn't doing one at school so we said we would save him some candy and he could make one at home. Oh the joy of the little gingerbread houses - if only I know what to do with them all once they were done.

Here is the little video I tried to upload the other night with no luck. My computer and I made up. It is good for a little laugh I think. (You'll have to go down to the bottom of the page and pause my little music player so that it doesn't interfere with the audio of the video clip - sorry)


olivia said...

the video is so funny! i've seen it so many times now but i still laugh. and i love all the decorations. i can't wait to see you guys on christmas eve! only a few more days! tell everybody i say hi.

mary said...

Ok- here I go again trying to leave a message. I hope it works. Your tree looks nice - I always prefer a "family" tree. They're way more interesting. See you Monday - I hope the weather will cooperate.