Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is a test...

I really have not forgotten that I am a blogger but I just can't fit in everything I need to do in a day right now.

Actually the truth is that I am a little mad at my computer. The other night I must have spent at least an hour and a half trying to upload pictures, a video and then finally just words with no luck. I don't know what was wrong but by the end of it all I was so mad and frustrated that I couldn't even sleep. It was about midnight so that is way past my bedtime. Anyways, I have since been a little hesitant to go through that waste of time again.

This post is somewhat a test. If it goes through then maybe you'll see more tomorrow.
Reagan built this train track for Taggart today. aaaaawwww
I'm not sure he was as moved as I was though. His comment: "Reagan, the train only goes on the heart."


Rochelle said...

aawwww! that's SO cute!

olivia said...

that made my day!