Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've been in a real funk since Monday and can't seem to shake it. One of those weeks that you just can't wait to see the end of. I've been blaming it on the time change last weekend but I don't really know if that's the cause. Kids have been getting up way too early and as a result are pretty grouchy. Tomorrow is a Pro-D so I'm considering this my Friday and I've decided that today is the last day of this nonsense.

On the upside, I am really looking forward to the holiday season. Usually I am one of those who doesn't pull out any Christams stuff until December 1st but I'm itching to get it out already. So I have been creating and this got finished and put up this weekend.

Trying to figure out what to get the kids for Christmas. Really don't want to buy too many toys because they already have so many and don't need any more. So I am trying to think out of the box a bit and come up with something a little more original. Would love to take them to some kind of show or something but the timing needs to be right.
Hudson has already sent his letter to Santa. Yesterday afterschool he got busy drawing a picture and neatly printing his request on the top. (sorry, no photo). He still believes so firmly in Santa and it's really sweet. He's getting to the age when it can become a question. Cooper tried to blow it for him a few times last year but deep down I know he still really wants to believe too. I think he's torn, but so far this year he's kept quiet about it.
Will get ready now to head to the school for the Remebrance Day assembly. Hudson is in the choir this year and really wanted me to come watch. Really wish it wasn't raining - that could be contributing to the lousy mood this weekend. Needing a week on the beach somewhere. HA,ha - that's funny.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidykins, the time change gives you jetlag. Mark & I had the same thing and we were so exhausted. It plays havoc with your body clock so don't be worried, you will come out of it. It is raining here too and has been all week and is meant to on the weekend too. We don't complain because we need it but I am looking for a bit of sun right now too.
Love you, Leni