Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Last night we carved pumpkins after dinner. Really Tony and I carve pumpkins and the kids keep busy doing thier own thing because it's not as if we can hand each of them a knife and say go at it. So Tony and I carved pumpkins. Nana joined us and helped Tag with his little pumpkin - cutting out the top and scooping out the guts. Reagan watched as Tony carved hers and then kept busy with collecting all the seeds out of the guts for roasting. Cooper and Hudson wanted to carve their own but realized it's harder than it looks so left it to us and went off to read comics.

In the end, fun was had by all and the pumpkins looked great.

Of course my mind was whirling with all I still needed to do to get everyone out of the house this morning. But we did it and it was a lot easier than I thought. They were all so excited and they looked great. Coop's hobo costume turned out way better than I thought thanks to Tony spending an hour on the driveway last night grinding all the clothes into shreds.

We all walked to school this morning on time and happy. The snacks were all wrapped up and ready to go. They have a costume parade at school so Tag and I stayed to watch. It's a big school and it took a long time for all the kids to file by and Tag was so patient. I think he was pretty fascinated with all the crazy costumes.
So now I am feeling a hundred times better than last night. Big sigh of relief when all those costumes finally came together in the end. And it's really so worth it as you watch the excitement in their little faces.

Now I just need to put together a chicken stew for dinner and wait until tonight when we head out to trick-or-treat. I am trying to prep Tag for what tonight holds for him and he is excited but I really don't think he has any idea. As the two of us walked home from school today he asked me "Where is Halloween?" Like it is a place that we are going to go.

So cute but so clued-out.


olivia said...

all the costumes look so great!!!

Anonymous said...

They sure all look great. I want to know who ate those scary looking cookies and how did Reagan end up with the hugest pumpkin of all?

Love, Leni

Susan T said...

Hi Heidy,
Adrienne gave me told me about your blog and I stop by once in a while to see what you're up to. Always fun to see your pics and hear your stories. I saw that you took Karen Russell's class. I love, love, love her and I was wondering if you would share the instructions for the pages you did? We are trying to get her to come to our store this winter, but she is still working out her schedule. If you are willing to share I would gladly send you the instuctions for a cute page and project that we have made at our store. We do some super cute stuff. Just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidy!
We had a computer problem for awhile so I had been so tuned out..and now I am back, and decided tonight would be the night to catch up on the events of the Symonds household! Your family is too darn cute. The costumes are fantastic, and I wish I had spent halloween at your house! I feel we don't see you enough, so I am so happy you keep us posted! Hope all is well! Love Anita