Monday, October 22, 2007


This taken only minutes after Tag hit Reagan in the face with a plastic hammer, causing blood to literally stream from her nose. She forgave him much quicker than I could. I still had blood to clean up off the carpet, her clothes, my clothes and the kitchen floor. She never holds a grudge and is always quick to forgive. He is blessed.

Some Sunday fun:

Lots of Disney Yahtzee and Memory with Dad

Computer games (Tag in his usual perch)

Video games and neighborhood friends (only 4 of those are mine)

Cup of tea with a new scrapbook magazine (perfect)
Some time at my table
A perfect Sunday.

Also spent some time with Hudson today. I had to go get a couple groceries so I took him with me. We stopped off at Tim's for a donut. He has been such an awesome little guy lately. So helpful with his chores, such a good attitude, and so kind to his brothers and sister. I really felt that it needed to be recognized with more than a pat on the back. He looked so pleased eating his donut, little colored sprinkles all over his face, when I told him why I took him out. He is my sensitive one, which means that sometimes he cries too much, but I see him growing up into such a kind and thoughtful little man. So proud of him.


mary said...

You're right - Hudson is an awesome little guy!

olivia said...

you're stories are always so funny. i can't stop laughing. the story about reagan and taggart is really cute. and the picture of you and hudson is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Hudson and you. That Tag is a little booboo! Love you, Leni