Tuesday, October 9, 2007

'Thanks' weekend

We started our Thanksgiving long weekend with a little sleep-in on Saturday morning. The kids are now going downstairs on their own and switching on the TV when they wake up. Even Tag is following them, when just a few weeks ago he would first climb into bed with me for a while before heading down. Thanks kiddies.

Usually our Saturday is filled with soccer but we had this one off due to the holiday. I was looking forward to it all week - a Saturday with nothing to do. Thanks Abbotsford Soccer. It sounds so blissful and realxing until about 4:00 when everyone starts to get crabby and whiny because they haven't been outside all day.

So what do you do on a rainy fall day when the kids need to get out? Why, go to Walmart, of course. Tony needed a few things for his trip to Toronto (he left this morning) so off we went. Well, no trip to Walmart is complete with a trip into the toy department where, inevitably each will find something they "have always wanted". This one always gets me. How can you have always wanted something when you didn't even know it existed 5 minutes earlier. Thanks Walmart.

Anyways, Cooper came home with some little Pirates of the Carribean Lego guys, Hudson came home with nothing (except a lot of tears) because he didn't have enough money for anything he wanted. Taggart and Reagan came home with these:

"What was I thinking?" you ask? Sometimes I seem to lose my sense of logic when I see something that I really know my kids will enjoy. You may remember the inflatable hammer incident on the day we went to the PNE.

It was really quite entertaining and pretty cute as they performed for us on Saturday night. Thanks little rock stars.

But since then I might have been heard saying "if you have to play that thing could you please do it upstairs".

Saturday night ended with me doing some scrapbooking at my friend Janie's house. Working on our Karen Russell projects from last weekend. Very fun mini album that I spent most of this morning collecting my photos for so that her and I can finish it next weekend. Thanks Janie.

Sunday morning Tony will tell you that he made breakfast sandwiches for us (our version of the egg mcmuffin), when really all he did was fry the bacon (outside on the BBQ in the rain) because I really, really hate the smell of bacon in my house. Thanks Tony. :)

The boys played video games all morning while Tag and Reagan toddled around doing not much of anything.

Then around 1:00 they all started pacing at the front window anticipating the arrival of Aunty Mary. We had hoped to go to the Apple Barn with them like last year but the weather didn't co-operate. So instead we sat around, ate snacks, played Sudoku while we waited for turkey dinner. Thanks Mum.

Sunday was another lazy morning while I made waffles for breakfast. After enjoying those, the kids sent yet another few hours doing who knows what before we finally kicked them all outside to get some much needed fresh air. The sun finally came out. Thanks Mr. Golden Sun.

We ended the weekend with another great turkey dinner at Pat and Henry's. Mom and Dad were missing as they had gone to Edmonton to spend the weekend with Willi and Brenda but most of the rest of us were there, with a few exceptions. A nice evening of great food and some nice conversation with my family that I see far too little of. I always realize it after I've spent time with all of them how much I enjoy it. Thanks family.

The highlight for Taggart was being able to go the chicken coop at Uncle Henry's and collect one lovely brown egg and the later Uncle Henry gave us some more eggs to bring home. Thanks chickens.

This weekend I was also made aware of something missing from my blog lately - Hudson. Apparently he hasn't showed up here for a long time. This was definitly not intentional and I will be adding some sort of Hudson-news as soon as it happens. Thanks, my faithful blog readers.


olivia said...

i love the video! its so cute how taggart is going crazy and having so much fun, and reagan is so serious.

Anonymous said...

Go you little rockers. Mark's birthday today and I just booked a week in Darwin for January. His present but mostly for me - Yeah!! Love you, Leni