Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pumpkins, races, and rain

Despite the rain and the wind and the cold, Taggart had a great time at the Apple Barn field trip this morning. The hay ride pulled by the tractor was a definite highlight and he picked a great pumpkin which has now been added to our front porch fall display.

Cooper ran another great race - his last one of the season. The course was much longer than last week and he came in 25th again. He was a little disappointed that he didn't come top 20 and get a ribbon. He's decided that he will be more successful in track and field. Cooper - the participator.

Very inspired on the weekend as Janie, Leslie, and I took a scrapbook workshop in Maple Ridge. The first half of the day was a photography class where I learned lots of stuff I really wanted to know, but was slightly discouraged because now I really want a better camera. The second half of the day is when we got to play and be creative. The instructor, Karen Russell, talked a lot about only scrapbooking those photos that really 'speak' to you. In the past I've always felt that I needed to make a page with every photo I take but I have since changed my philsophy. This hobby is for my enjoyment and nothing else. I will no longer sit and struggle to create layouts on photos that 'bore' me - I will slide them into photo album pages and they will be there to look at. I am excited at the prospect of looking through my photos again to find those that jump out of the pile and beg to be created with. This hobby changes for me all the time and that's what I love about it. Here are the two layouts I created on Saturday:

It has gotten me into a creative spirit - need to make time to sit at my table this week.

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Anonymous said...

hee,hee - great photo of Tag and well done Cooper on running very well again!! Next season, I am sure you will win a ribbon.
I like your philosophy Heidy about using photos that speak to you and not the other way around. How great your hobby is and it sure allows other people to enjoy your memories with you!! Miss you heaps!! Love, Leni