Monday, October 29, 2007

Costumes and soccer

We are knee deep in Halloween preparations. Or should I say, I am knee deep. I do this every year. I think I have so much time to get their costumes ready and then the last day I am scrambling.

Halloween is really not my favorite time of year. I don't like all the ghoulish things that go along with it but of course we do it - because the kids love it.

Today I managed to get Reagan's and Hudson's costumes done (Minnie Mouse and Frankenstein) and they turned out really well. Taggart is going to be a lion, the one from the Wizard of Oz specifically, because that is his very favorite movie right now. Thankfully that costume was lent to us and I had to do nothing.

Cooper, on the other hand, is another story. He wanted to be an 'army man'. Has wanted to for months now. When I said okay to that I wasn't really thinking about the fact that army men carry guns. (I think this costume thing might have been a plan all along for me to finally buy him a play gun). I have always said that I will not buy a gun. So I guess lately we have sort of been avoiding the whole issue of the gun.

Tony says "He can't be an army guy without one."

So I say "So, what then, should I buy him one?"

He says "I never would have agreed to him dressing up as an army guy"

I say "Thanks for your help." (as if you wouldn't have)

So I basically caved to him having a gun. Yet, after scouring endless dollar stores, Cooper could not find the gun he wanted. Oh, darn.

Yesterday, a kind friend of his (now my favorite) suggested he be a hobo.

A hobo - no weapons. Yay!

Tomorrow I am off to Value Village for hobo clothes.


Tomorrow I have to bring snack for Tag's whole preschool class (a fact which escaped me until 8:30 this evening).

Tomorrow I have to bake witch finger and eyeball cookies for 3 class Halloween parties.

Tomorrow I have to buy a pumpkin for our carving planned for after dinner because some lovely teenagers decided to steal one off our porch and smash it on the road.

Tomorrow might be a pizza night.

Switching gears now to soccer - which seems to be taking over our lives lately.

Reagan had her big wind-up tonight. She has really enjoyed soccer this season (her first) and she has also done really well. Unfortunately, Tony and I feel very 'soccered out'. It's too bad that all the administrative red tape and things that have nothing to do with the kids enjoying the game has sort of taken over this year.

But tonight watching her and the happiness on her face when she received her little trophy and stuff makes me remember why we do it and why Tony puts so much time into volunteering.

Still, a little relieved that her season is over. This means we are now down to only two games every Saturday and that's plenty.

Can't wait until all four of them are playing.

Saturday has definitely turned into Soccerday and will stay that way for some time I think.

Off to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

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olivia said...

a hobo is way cooler than a soldier!