Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crazy life

Today I did what I have often joked about doing, even feared I would do but never have - before today that is.

Let me try to describe the chaos that usually takes place on the school ground when we are there at 3:00 to pick up Hudson and Cooper.

Kids everywhere!
Me just trying to keep track of mine.
The boys trying to arrange playdates (always!!)
Reagan at the playground with strict instructions to come back to me when she hears the bell.
Rounding up Taggart from who knows where to get him back into the stroller.
Taggart fighting me to get back into the stroller.
The boys still trying to arrange playdates.

Today was no different (except for the fact that the weather was on my side so I wasn't trying to balance an umbrella while I fought with Tag to get back into the stroller).

Playdates are arranged (I'm bringing two extra home today), Taggart is succesfully buckled in and we are heading for home. Keep in mind that I walk with my dear friend and neigbour Stephanie who at any given time may have up to 7 kids walking with her (today whe had them all). We often comment that our parent to kid ratio is far too low (or is it too high?). Anyways, there were a lot of kids.

With this many kids we had to have had them all...right?? Wrong!! For whatever reason I decided to take a quick inventory as we headed down the hill away from the school.

"Where's Reagan?"

It took me a few seconds to register that she actually wasn't with us. Where could she be? Stephanie looks at me. "She's still on the payground!" I say, a little panic in my voice.

Quick thinking tells me to send Cooper to go fetch her. He runs off in a mad dash, but not before yelling "YOU LEFT HER AT THE PLAYGROUND!?!!??!?" Thanks Cooper, as the other Moms responsibly walking ALL their children home get a good look at the one who forgot to do a head count.

So Tag and I wait and a few minutes later see Cooper and Reagan running down the hill toward us. "I almost left you at school Reagan. Didn't you hear the bell?"

"You did? No, I didn't hear the bell." As she happily skips all the way home.

All she was thinking is that she got an extra long time to play today. Lucky her.

So, today I forgot one of my kids. Completely forgot. I will still joke about doing this and probably fear doing it again. But now the joke will change slightly. I am no longer laughing at the possibility, but rather the crazy ease in which it can happen.

This is a crazy life - but it is mine - and I like it.

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Anonymous said...

I have a perfect picture in my head of Cooper yelling as he runs back to the playground. And what?!? did he not forget her as well? Lovely little story and love Reagan's reaction too:-)Leni