Thursday, November 15, 2007

The holiday mood

I recently got a request for "more blog, please" so here it is. Love you, Leni.
Don't really feel like I have anything interesting to say about the daily goings-on of life right now. I am out of my funk from last week which is a good thing. Enjoyed a lovely dinner out with friends on the weekend. Had another lazy Sunday and tried to 'execute' a few a my 100+ Christmas projects floating around in my head. The box advent calendar idea has been vetoed by Tony but of course I can't leave that alone so I have come up with another one which is just as much work but not as much $. The problem with this one is that I can't find the items that I need - so of course I am now on the hunt.
Tomorrow my sweet neighbor is taking Reagan and Tag for the day so I can make a trip to my not so local scrapbook store in Bellingham. Looking forward to the time to myself to browse, be inspired and of course come up with yet another armload of projects. (Tony, I'll try to restrain myself, I promise.)
I am really feeling the Christmas spirit this year so much earlier than usual and I plan to pull my decorations out this weekend. Tony firmly believes that shouldn't make an appearance until December 1st but he won't be home - so there!
I'll share one of my projects from the weekend just because it was so much harder than it looks. I have seen kits for these stars online and thought to myself 'I can do that'. So Sunday this was my mission. I asked Tony for his help but he started talking about geometry, trigonometry and cosign so I asked him to go make dinner instead. (Which he did, I might add.)

Anyways it took me a good long time but I figured it out and I like the end result. I plan to make a few more and put them on the wall in a collage beside our Christmas tree.

No - we don't have our tree up yet but the date is marked on the calendar and Hudson informed me that it's only 16 days away. We really look forward to our annual trip to Murphy's Tree Farm.
Oh, and one more thing we did this weekend. I bought two large pomegranites which I painstakingly took all the seeds out of and then let the kids enjoy. I really love pomegranites and they feel very Christmasy to me. Opening one up to discover all the little hidden "jewels" inside always makes me happy. I have to say though, the process of uncovering all those little gems and getting them out of the peel takes about 5 times as long as it does for the kids to devour them.


olivia said...

yay! finally! ive been checking this every day! i hope we get to come get your cristmas tree with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog and I love the photo of Taggart with the pommegranite seeds - it looks as though he was really trying to determine the sanity of popping them into his mouth. Lovely stars too!! You are so good to do all of that and your house will look beautiful!! Love you, Leni