Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pics

It was a lovely Easter weekend complete with egg hunts, chocolate, yummy ham dinner, chocolate, brunch with the Brauns, chocolate, and more chocolate.
The photos tell the whole story.
A little roller hockey with Jake on Saturday.Easter cupcakesA bike ride to the park Sunday afternoon during a break in the weather - Tag bringing up the rear.Tag when it was time to go home.Reagan was cold and tired. Tag again bringing up the rear.The sun did make it's appearance this weekend, between the rain, but it was cooold. So much so that when we took the kids to the park on Sunday Tag and Reagan were both crying on the way home because their hands were freezing. But when those rays pour in our back windows late in the day I love the way it warms up the house. I just need another 15 degrees or so outside.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pics - love the one of Tag and the little tweety on his shoulder and how nice for Reagan to be carried by Dad, and her bike too. Sooo can't wait to see you. Am having trouble getting flights but today is definitely final booking day. Love, Leni

,mary said...

Love the group photo. I kept telling Cooper to put his legs closer together so there was room for everyone - look how squished Hudson looks! Of course Cooper does look pretty cool like he is just hanging around!
It was a fun time.
I agree with you - the sun is so beautiful, but deceiving in how COLD it is. If it snows this week, I won't be surprised - well I will be ..... but you know what I mean!