Saturday, March 15, 2008

We are officially into two weeks of Spring Break. I am hoping that the absolute downpour we are currently experiencing is not a sign of things to come. It's actually hailing now. Could be in for a serious case of cabin fever if we can't get outside during the next couple weeks. We are signed up for swimming lessons at 10am every morning so that should get rid of a little energy.

We've got plans to go out for dinner with some friends tonight but Tony was not feeling well last night and today he is at work. So we'll see if we actually make it out. Taggart is not feeling great either. He had a two hour nap this afternoon, which he never does anymore, and now he's lying under a blanket watching a movie. I'm beginning to wonder whether this dinner out is just not meant to be. I think this is the third weekend we have tried to do it with something always getting in the way. I hope it does - I could use some good adult conversation.

Now on a completely different note and because I think a blog post without a photo of daily life is just missing something.

Our house is constantly inundated with paper. Specifically school paper. Artwork, notices, projects, math and spelling quizzes. I would like to be that organized parent who keeps it all in some sort of portfolio or at least a box of some kind. But I have to confess that most of it goes in the garbage, but only when they are not looking of course. I'm sorry to say that I have been caught on many occasions and I'm even more sorry to say that I have been less than truthful in my reasons as to why it was in the garbage in the first place. I know, I know. But every once in a while something comes across the counter that makes me smile and it goes into the 'keep' pile. Here is one of those things.

Page 2 - Cooper, Hudson, Reagan, Taggart, Mommy, Daddy

Page 3 - Olivia, Rochelle

Page 4 - We like going to the beach

Page 5 - Peikac (pancakes)

Page 6 - We love echuler (eachother)



mary said...

That's so cute. I can't wait until the girls see it!

Anonymous said...

yah we made it for dinner!! Thank you for a great nite out and I know we let ya in our our family disagreement but thanks for listening and your input. Could tell Tony was fading tonite. Always enjoy a nite out with you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am people and I love you too Reagan.
Enjoy your weekend away and let me know where you are going,
Love, Leni