Thursday, March 13, 2008


It has been so long since I blogged that everytime I thought of doing it there was just too much to say. So then I felt overwhelmed and found something else to do instead.

Have been in a bit of a funk all week long. Not sure why. Maybe getting over a cold, maybe the season, maybe...who knows.

Been feeling very busy with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Lots of things swimming in my head so I have been making lists.

This is what I do when life gets overwhelming. I make lists.

Lifts of all kinds and then I start to get ovewhelmed with all my lists.

But truly, the lists help and it's a such a great sense of satisfaction to put a big check mark beside something I've finally done. I think today I made 4 checkmarks, or was it 5?

Anyways, one thing on my list was to blog. I didn't update about all that I wanted, like Hudson and I both turning a year older last week. Or about the disappointment from both of us when I forgot the camera to his big birthday bash at the pool. Or that Tony is taking me away for a weekend as a birthday present (so, so excited about that).

Hey, look at that. There's the update. Short and sweet but still an update.

I think I will go make another checkmark.

Here's to lists.


mary said...

Glad you got to the "updating blog" part of your check-list. We have been waiting for an update. Any desicion yet on where you will go for your weekend away?

Anonymous said...

The only way I get through my day is with lists so yes, here is to lists. My next big to do thing is book tickets home - yeah!!!