Saturday, March 29, 2008

Perler bead mania

About a year ago I discovered these little plastic beads at Ikea. I brought a tub home and a bead craze was born. Since then we have purchased many more beads in 'new' colors and more peg boards in all kinds of shapes. They all love getting them out on a cold & rainy day, (way too many of those lately) and sitting around the kitchen table creating. There's something about a big tub of these tiny plastic beads in all those colors that makes them sink into a different world - beyond gameboys and playstation. The only thing they need from me is an occasional search for the right color and of course the iron has to be hot and ready to melt the beads into the finished creation. And also keeping Tag away from works on progress - he has been known to "bump" a few too many arms. Another year and he think he'll be right in there beading with the best.
What do we do with all the finished creations? Well, they end up on the floor, under the bed, occasionally one gets a magnet and they make it to the fridge. But really it's all about the process... and the fun.

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