Monday, September 22, 2008

Peaches, cafe`s, & flags

Eventhough I have said in the past that Summer really is my favorite season, I think Fall really brings out the 'Susie Homemaker" in me.
A couple of weeks ago Tony and I made jars and jars of salsa and this weekend I was determined to get some peaches for canning before the season was over. So on Sunday we all went on a little road trip to Hamilton Farms in Aldergrove (I did say 'little') to get some. On the way home the kids were all complaining they were hungry (we always manage to leave the house just before lunch time). Tony suggested stopping for them but a quick stop with 4 kids often means McBarfy's which I really didn't feel like so I suggested we stop at the Milsean Shoppe which I've heard about but never been to. I wasn't sure how kid friendly it would be but we were willing to give it a try. Their light lunch menu didn't offer much that the kids would like but they had gelatin and we've been known to have ice cream for a meal every now and then so we stayed. Tony and I shared a grilled panini and Cooper decided that he liked that so I think I got maybe a quarter of the very yummy sandwich.
You may wonder why this very normal story is worthy of a blog post. I'll tell you. This very cute little shop full of breakable knick-knacks and things to buy, with tiny tables with very little walk-by space is not a place we would have thought to stop at with the kids in the past 10 years or so. But we no longer have a stroller to try and maneuver into places, we no longer require a highchair or booster seat. We can now stop at a quaint little eatery and enjoy ourselves as a family. So that is what we did. Times are changing.
Today I went on a field trip with Hudson's class. It was possibly the most boring field trip I have ever been on. The grand opening ceremony of the new Cultural Center in Abbotsford. Only a few classes were invited so the kids were led to believe it was a big deal. They sat through (but couldn't see) an excruciating amount of boring speeches by some important Abbotsford people and then were handed a piece of cake as they headed back to the bus. Hudson kept looking at me through the crowd with a look of "get me outta here" but once he got his cake he was okay. The sad thing is that they didn't even get to go in the Cultural Center which was too bad. Maybe we will try to get there another time on our own. It was nice to be able to go with Hudson anyway. Last year I didn't make it to any of his field trips - a fact he won't let me forget - so I think that eventhough I could have possibly picked a more exciting one to attend it meant something to Hudson that I was there. Oh ya, he also got a free pen and a paper flag. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the Milsean Shoppe - It has such cute things and nice drinks. Good on Hudson for sitting through that - what were the teachers thinking?!? Like they will remember that for it's excitement - not! Love you, Leni