Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooper's been sick - missed some school - spent a lot, a lot, of time playing with his Lego guys.
Now I'm sick. I should be in bed. But instead I sit here documenting something I don't want to forget.
Today was an extremely busy day and when you're feeling crummy and Daddy's away, the first thing to go is patience. I was not at my best today and the kids felt it. At bedtime (the moment I had been waiting for since first thing this morning), Cooper said to me "I crave Daddy". Such an interesting choice of words. Not "I miss Daddy" but "I crave Daddy". If you read my blog every once in a while you'll know that Tony has been very busy at work for a long time and our time with him is precious. Cooper went on to explain: "Daddy's like a cigarette. When you have him you just want more of him, and when he's not here you crave him". At first I laughed a little at his analogy but the more I thought about it I realized how smart he is to be able to describe his feelings that way. I know that because today I didn't shine as a parent, the kids probably missed their Dad even more. Cooper even said he didn't think we could handle this (life) without Daddy. Feeling a little defensive I assured him that we can handle it and we'll be just fine. And fine we'll be until Saturday when Tony comes back. And Cooper can satisfy his craving.


Anonymous said...

That almost made me cry - for all of you, the kids for missing their Dad, for you because you miss him too and bear the brunt of all the parenting and for Tony, because he misses out on his family. But you will be just fine. Love you all and miss you too, Leni

olivia said...

i love cooper!