Friday, September 12, 2008

This week...

Tag had his first day of preschool. He said he didn't want to go when he first woke up because he had the 'sniffles'. That was true, but a very small case so we decided that he would go anyway. He was happy walking there and very comfortable going into the classroom (same one as last year). When I picked him up I got a huge hug and a huge smile. But when I asked him how it went he said "horrible". Why? "We always have to go to the dumb park and I always get dumb rocks in my shoes." So we decided that next time he would tighten up his shoes best he could and maybe that would prevent the rocks. As it turned out, the next time he still got rocks in his shoes but he seems to have accepted it. I still get huge hugs at pick up time. 'Wrap' hugs, as I like to call them. The ones where his little arms wrap all the way around my neck and his legs all the way around my waist. Feels good. The weather has been beautiful. The kind of fall warmth where it's cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and then cold again in the evening. Dressing in layers is a must. The garden still looks beautiful and even though Tony and I have both petered out as far as tending to it - there is still lots to enjoy.

Cooper had been fighting a nasty ear infection and after a full week on antibiotics is still in a lot of pain. I saw two doctors in two days with two different diagnoses. So we are treating with painkillers and decongestants and hoping for the best. Saw a slight improvement this afternoon but he still missed two days of school. Taggart has enjoyed his company. Today they watched lots of TV and built train tracks.
Reagan got a new do. She has been asking for a short haircut for a while, and since brushing out the tangles has become much more painful lately (for her and I), today was the day. She loves it and so do I. She swung her head around proudly for quite a while this afternoon.

We ended the first full week of school at the park tonight for a picnic dinner. They burned off some steam and even though Cooper really didn't want to go he ended up having a good time. Especially because him and I got sushi while the rest got McDonalds. Tony is working late so Nana joined us. But this time she brought the camera, not me.

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Anonymous said...

Oooaa!! Love the new do Reagan - look at moi, look at moi. Hope Cooper feels better - still from the pool in Osoyoos? How did Taggart look so grown up so fast? I have only been gone 2 weeks. Where is Hudson? Love you and miss you all, Leni