Monday, September 15, 2008

Sun and Soccer

The rainy soccer Saturdays are undoubtedly coming so for now, we thought we better take full advantage of the sunny ones. We all went to Reagan's game on the weekend. Cooper had a little complaining to do but we quickly reminded him that Reagan has sat through a many of his games so we weren't listening.
Reagan really loves the game and she never wants to miss a week. She hustles out there for the whole hour and has a lot of fun.
You know she's really working hard when her tongue is out.
Daddy got her with the water bottle on a water break.
Cooper lost his football in the creek. It took me at least 10 minutes to convince him to get in the water. I thought boys liked wading in creeks.
Hudson sat in the shade with his nose in a book almost all game. He got a new one from the library and he spent most of his Saturday this way. Could hardly eat his dinner.

What?? No Taggart?? He was there too but amazingly enough he didn't make into the lens this time, at least not after the edits.

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Anonymous said...

Love the uniform and the hairband on Reagan. Cooper, never knew you to be a wuss!! Hudson, that would have been me too - I love spending my day with a book. No comment for Taggart cause he ain't there!!

Love you all, Leni