Friday, October 3, 2008

And the "Bad Blogger" award goes to...

Seriously every single night this week I thought to myself 'I need to go update my blog' but as you can see I didn't. Really dragging this week for some reason. Anyways, as it's the weekend now and I still haven't posted about last weekend I could put it off no longer.
Last weekend I had a lovely getaway with these 3 lovely ladies.

Tina offered her cabin for the weekend and this is what we did a lot of. Sitting in the sun with a glass of wine or a book (or both) and enjoying time together having conversations and just generally building relationships that so easily get forgotten. I am lucky to have 4 great sister-in-laws (only 3 on this trip) but because of all kinds of reasons don't see each other often. Really enjoyed this relaxing time away with just girls (and of course, no kids). Thanks girls!

And just one update from the week. Crafts night. Tag had to do a "Family Feet" project for preschool where everyone traces their foot, cuts it out and then decorates it to look like themselves. Tag insisted that Nana take part. You can see Tag holding his up proudly (love the orange pom-pom nose) and Hudson also displaying his in the background. Forgot to take a photo of the finished project but it was very cute.
Tony was working late the night we did it so he had to have his very own craft night the next day. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hey You, sounds like a great girl getaway. It was so great seeing you, even if it was quick. Thanks so much for the hand-me appreciated!!
Chat soon

Anonymous said...

Dad told me about the girl get away but did not tell me you went along as well - how nice for you all!! Just wish I was there:-((
Love the foot project - how inovative.
We just had a long weekend and I spent the whole time with the flu. I feeling quite sorry for myself. Love you all, Leni