Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's not me

It's my computer. We are sort of fighting lately and as a result I'm feeling a bit sheepish to sit down with it. Every time I am well into something (editing photos, a blog post, etc.) it shuts down on me and restarts causing me to lose everything, including my mind. I finally took it into the shop just for them to have it for four days, charge me $55 and say there's nothing wrong with it. I took it home, plugged it in, feeling hopeful that the threat of sending it away again would be enough for it to smarten up. I had it up and running for all of 15 minutes before - poof - my screen goes black. Very well spent $55, don't you think. Anyways, it's with slight trepidation that I sit here typing this. But hopefully I am able to finish before it decides again it's had enough of me.

Really wanted to post about our trip to Whistler on Thanksgiving weekend. Thought the three days off for everyone was a great opportunity to get away and do some family bonding. We had a great time. Here's my fave photos from the weekend. Our Starbuck's girl (timmy's hot chocolate just won't do)
Never thought I'd like his hair long but I think he's just so handsome :)

The hot tub was a big hit

Hudson's inukshuk

The olympic rings (sort of)

Going to try and be more consistent with blog posts but if that is not what is seen here in the coming days don't be quick to assume I have flaked out - my computer will most likely be in the shop again.


mary said...

Awesome photos. It looks like you had a nice mixture of comfort (Starbucks, hot tub) and nature. I'm glad the weather was nice for you. See you Sunday for Apple Barn and Football!!!!

Britt said...

I just can't believe how big those little rascals are getting!!! Cooper's hair is AWESOME by far, and Regan is just ever more the princess she should be! Glad you guys had a great escape! Many more to you!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are all back!!! I missed you terribly. Love all the photos and yes, Coops hair looks great on him and may I ask why the smallest person in your family is holding up 2 Olympic rings? Hey Hudson, what is an Inukshuk? Reagan, I like Starbuck's too - especially the hot choc!! Love you all and hope your computer likes to play! Leni