Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A race and a pumpkin...and a turkey

Well it's been time again for cross-country season for Cooper. You may or may not remember our experiences last year. This year was a tough one. Cooper spent the first week and a half of the season fighting a cold and an ear infection, therefore missing the first race. After that he made every early morning practice trying to gear up for the second race. Unfortunately, he missed that one as well because apparently the starter of the race doesn't wear a watch and started the race at least 10 minutes early so by the time Coop got there they had already taken off. He took it pretty hard and at that point was ready to quit cross country. But he didn't and yesterday he ran the final race of the season (his first). Tony took off work early to be there, the sun was shining and we all headed down to cheer him on. He got 21st place out of over 40 racers. We thought that was pretty great considering the season he'd had. But 21st is not a great place to be when only the top 20 get ribbons. Big disappointment. Being that close to something and not getting it was pretty tough. But thankfully he doesn't hold on to it for too long. By the evening he was well over it and on to something else. I think I said it last year and I feel the same way again. I'm proud of Cooper for being a participator. He is really not a natural runner - it doesn't come easy to him. But if there's something he can sign up for he's there. I like that about him.

At the race startThe home stretch

Consoling words from Dad
Taggart and I went on the annual Apple Barn preschool field trip today. Sixth year in a row for me (2 with Hudson, 2 with Reagan, and 2 with Tag). Fun was had by all.
The pick of the patch The goats
The bouncy pillow (crazy)
Us :)

Finally "Happy Turkey Day" to all.

Had a really great "Tag video" to add but it won't let me upload it. It was very holiday appropriate. It will still be cute even after Thanksgiving so I'll try again.
Good night!


used skid loader said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

long reach excavator said...

well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

walking excavator said...

what happened to the other one?

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Taggart and you in the pumpkin patch. And way to go Cooper - what an accomplishment that is!!

mary said...

Hi Heidy,
I hope that I can get my comment to work this time.
Please tell Cooper that on my first cross country race I missed getting a ribbon by just one place, too!
Let's hope the weather is nice on the 29th so we can all go to the Apple Barn!