Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More weekend fun

We packed lots of good times into Sunday. We didn't get together with Mary, the kids and Mum on Thanksgiving because we all weren't home so we did it this weekend.

We started the afternoon with some great Halloween snacks courtesy Mary and then headed to the Apple Barn to get some pumpkins. This is becoming an annual tradition so it had to be done.
The weather was beautiful and on the last weekend before Halloween the place was packed. The line up for the hayride was too long so we walked down to the patch, got our pumpkins and then made the kids haul them back up. Here are the highlights in photos:

We didn't stay too long because it was important to get back for the much anticipated game of football that Cooper had initiated.

So everyone headed down to the field. I was unofficial photographer so I didn't play and Tag hung with me for the first while but then Tony called him in and he proved to be very valuable - scoring two touchdowns for his team. Reagan, on the other hand, lost interest quickly and ran home to get her skipping rope. Here are the highlights in photos:
This one cracks me up
So does this one
Lots of huddles
Was this pass completed Mary?! :)
What a good-looking team.
For those who played along in the ice-cream guessing game:
Cherry Garcia - Hudson and Cooper
Cookie Dough - Tony and Reagan
Strawberry Cheesecake - me
Strawberry - Taggart (you got it right Mary)
(Leni - good guessing - I think you got a couple)
Thanks for playing.


mary said...

The football photos are excellent!! You are very good at taking action shots - and by the way I don't think I had any 'completed passes'. It was a great day. Perhaps if you are getting some prints of the photos, you could get some copies for me too. I'll pay you back next time I see you. Have a great Halloween everyone.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween all!! I loved the photos - made me giggle! My favorite are the one of Tony kissing the bum pumpkin and the other one is of Taggart running in the wrong direction I think!! Looks like it was a great day and fun had by all. Love, Leni