Monday, October 27, 2008

It takes a special family...

Now I'm sure most families wouldn't consider an outing to the grocery store on a Saturday night as a source of entertainment. But that's exactly what this family did.

Cooper still needed some accessories for his Halloween costume so we decided to go down to Bellingham to see if we could find them. On the way we stopped at the Safeway in Lynden for snacks. We always like to scour the snack aisles at Target when we're down, for things we can't get up here; little fun things for the kids lunches. When Tony was down a while ago for work he visited a Safeway and mentioned he saw some things the kids might like.

So we headed up and down th eaisles filling our cart with SpiderMan Kraft Dinner, Curious George fruit snacks, etc. But the best thing we found, by far, were these. Little, one-serving size ice-cream tubs witha little spoon right under the lid - for $1. We all chose one and devoured them in the van. Any guesses as to who had which flavour?

Some may think the grocery aisles are an odd source of enjoyment but like I said, it takes a special family.

Tired now - must go to bed. More from the weekend to come tomorrow.


mary said...

The Strawberry is Taggart's. Am I right???
Look forward to the next entry. Perhaps some football game photos???L?

Anonymous said...

Strawbaby is Taggart and Reagan, Cherry is Heidy and Cooper and Cookie something is Tony and Hudson. Did I get any right? Would have liked to try the cookie something - it would have been my fave!!! Glad you are back - missed you, Leni