Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good things from down under

A package arrived at the door today. That's always exciting but when it comes from my dear sister in Australia it's especially good.
The kids tore into it right away and found everything that was for them. Half the bag of jellybeans is already gone. Tag was very excited to hear the big loolipop was just for him but the sad face in the photo is due to the fact that it was broken. Don't feel bad - he soon got over it.
Love the tops - Reagan said it looks beeeeeuatiful.
Thanks Leni - we miss you like crazy.
Something said by Tag the other day that I thought Leni and Mark might like:
"I wish Uncle Mark lived with us mom."
"Me too, Tag."
"If he lived with us he could kill all these little flies with his huge hands."
(We've had a bit of a fruit fly issue lately) :)

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Anonymous said...

How bizarro - I am wearing the same top today - I told you I got them too yes? Glad the package arrived and sorry about the broken loolipop! Never mind Tag - when you come to visit I will buy you another one. Mark would love to live with you too and kill all those little flies for you!! Love you all heaps and heaps and have a Merry Christmas!! Talk to you soon, Leni