Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

Who knew that having our lovely, warm afternoon snack out of these 'Let it Snow' mugs would actually bring snow the very next day. We'll have to try that again to see if there really was a connection. :)

Today wasn't an official snow day as the reason the kids had no school was not because of the snow but rather because the school had no power. Our school was the only one in the district that closed. But what better day than a day when you can play outside in the snow. All morning they played with the neighborhood kids and then they all came in (to my place) and hung out for the afternoon. 7 kids equals 7 coats, 7 toques, 14 boots, 14 gloves, and the odd scarf to find a place to dry.
I had big plans for today to get a whole lot done and I got a whole lot of nothing done. But the kids - they had a great day. It snowed all day and it's still coming down so I foresee a possible official snow day tomorrow.


Sonya said...

So, you admit the snowfall was probably your fault? I was wondering who I should blame. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks so nice and Christmassy! I am not ever going to feel like it is Christmas in the summer! Will need to come home for Christmas one year soon and when I do, I am hanging at your place cause it is so lovely!! Love you all, Leni