Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A step back in time

The Burnaby Village Museum is a place that I went to as a kid with a class field trip many years ago and I remember loving it. So when Hudson brought home the notice a few weeks ago to say that their class was going on a trip there I knew I had to go along. So yesterday was the day and Hudson had been so excited, especially that I was going with. He still wasn't feeling very well but I pushed him to go anyway. I didn't want him to miss it but I didn't want to miss it either. We had a great day. It was supposed to rain but it held off until the ride home. The museum is set up like an old 1920's village, complete with blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, printing shop, old bakery, and a General store. The people inside the buildings are all dressed in period dress and it ws all decorated up for Christmas. Hudson's favorite was the blacksmith shop and I liked the ride on the carousel the best. Whenever I get to spend a whole day with one of the kids like that, away from home and without distractions I'm always so very thankful. And at the end of the day when Hudson said to me "This wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you Mom" I know that he's thankful for these times too.


mary said...

HI Hudson - Jake loved the blacksmith shop too, when he went there on a field trip. Did you go to the school house where the teachers acted so strict? (That kinda scared me!!!)
Love, Aunty Mary

Sonya said...

Strange that I grew up in Abbotsford but have never even heard of the Burnaby Village Museum. Looks like a really neat place to visit!

Anonymous said...

It all looks great but Hudson, you sure made your Mom feel as special as she is!! Love you, Aunty Leni