Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Holidays - part two

Two blog posts in one day?!?!? Could I be trying to make up some ground perhaps?
Okay - back to business.
Boxing Day - As I look at the photos of this day I notice that this day brought with it a few frustrations. We again headed out to the snow. Reagan and I (mostly I) were determined to build a snowman but the conditions were not right and the snow was very hard to pack. We persevered though and did end up with a little guy complete with carrot nose, stick arms, dead rosebud eyes(they were available), and dead flowers stems for a very hip hairdo. Unfortunately you'll have to just take my word for it though because we didn't get a final photo.
Next on the agenda, trying to sew something on Reagan's new Hello Kitty sewing machine. It was so cute and held so much promise but it failed miserably. We did manage to get a little wall pocket thingy sewn up to hang in her room but we both decided it was not worth the time and effort and frustration to try again. Costco will be getting it back.
The day was not all bad though - actually mostly good. Lots of hanging out and eating of course. And this sweet moment:
Dec 27 - The Braun Christmas. Here are the highlights:
Our lovely hosts - my brother Henry and my sister-in-law Pat. Such a yummy dinner. My big brother Willi in the far left corner. They live in Edmonton and I heard at some point throughout the evening that the last time they joined us for Christmas was 1990 so it was high time to have them with us.
We have the littlest kids so we always get to go first in the buffet line-up (wink, wink)
Our dear parents. Dad was really not feeling well with the flu but he managed to give me a good smile. A foosball tournament. A good dose of Evie - My niece Erin's sweet little girlMy favorite photo of the day

Dec 30 - my Mom's 84th birthday. We invited all who could come to our place for appies and birthday cake to celebrate. The cake was black forest and I made it myself. The cake was good but the photos are terrible because in my hurry to put the cake down in front of her, sing Happy Birthday and grab the camera to take photos all at the same time I snapped away without checking settings. Obviously they weren't correct. Nonetheless, I think it still captures the moment. The joy that the littlest ones always bring the oldest ones. Happy Birthday Mom.

New Year's Eve. I would have been quite happy to ring in the new year at around 9:00 and then soak in a tub before hitting the pillow. But the kids were determined to see it to the end. The best part of the night was definitely the chocolate fondue.

Wishing you all a blessed 2009 and thanks to all those who check in to our little world every now and then. Here's to the year ahead.


Sonya said...

Mmm...chocolate fondue. That's what I forgot to do this year. Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure it's better late than never. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the 'frustrated Reagan' photo - made me laugh and all the other photos are good. Thank you so much for taking time to blog them all - I know it is work for you but the first thing I do every day is look for your blog so consider it so totally worth it. Love you sis!! Leni