Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday sillies

Another uneventful blogging week. I was trying to figure out if our week really was that boring or if it was me having a hard time seeing the beauty in the little things. I think it was a bit of both. January is a bit of a dull month, isn't it. All the excitement of Christmas is over and the sometimes mundane routine of things is again into full swing.
So anyway, this morning the little things again brought me joy. The camera got pulled out and I have some blog material. I hope that this means I've turned a small corner out of the January blahs.
This is the remnants of this morning and last night.  A trip to the public library meant all kinds of new books to read and DVD's to watch. 
As I was tackling my house cleaning that I have neglected for the last week they found all kinds of things to keep them busy.
The limbo 
Which turned into a dog pile. A tangled mess of legs and feet.
You would think that Reagan had a little friend over for dress-up
But.... no. Tony will love that I posted this and Tag may not be too happy about it either in a few years. But it really cracked me up, especially the Santa hat and the way his little Curious George underwear showed through the pink tutu.
Here's to more silliness in our life.


Sonya said...

Silly is good. :)

olivia said...

they are so cute!!