Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow Day

That's right - our first day back to school and they declare a snow day. I was promised two hours of peace and quiet this morning and now it has been snatched from me. And to make it worse I found out after I'd already had my shower so crawling back to bed was a little out of the question. So hear I sit, able to blog at 7am as all my children still sleep peacefully, completely unaware of the joyous news they will hear when they wake.
I'm kidding really. Even though going back to school really would be in everyone's best interest an extra day of lounging around with no where to go and no schedule to keep is not so bad. Photo taken yesterday on our snowy day walk in the trails - I love it. The way they are all just sitting in the snow on the bank of the creek like it's a beautiful summer day. So funny.


Sonya said...

Lucky kids! In over 10 years of school our girls have never had a snow day...and not for lack of snow or -40 temperatures at times either. Perhaps I'll have to declare my own snow day sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photo!! Almost better than the naked backs in front of the fireplace!! Oh I miss you! Leni