Monday, January 19, 2009

Too much to say

Again, I have been away from my blog for far too long. The computer seems to be fixed - finally. It was a long and painful journey but we all made it.
So, again, after a break this long there is far too much to cover so I won't try. But yet I have a hard time leaving too many things out because like I've said before, if you don't blog it did it really happen??

So before I get into the highlights of the past few very bright sunny days I want to start with some less recent stuff, but just as good.
Like I said, the sun has come out and almost all the snow is gone but we had a lot of fun while it lasted.
This first photo brings me to an idea I had for this year. At the end of each month I will blog my favorite shot of that month and then at the end of the year I figure I will have the makings for a great little 'highlights of the year' book. This one is definitely in the running.
When you don't feel like bundling up and heading into the snow but you still really want to play in the snow. Bring in some snow and build this little guy in the comfort of your kitchen. Isn't he cute?
Cooper and Taggart have really been getting along lately and here are a few shots of the two of them - both snowy and not.

Conversations in the snow, when you just need to lie down.

Okay, now for the more recent stuff. This weekend the sun came out and it's been so good to send the kids out to play without bundling them in snowsuits first.

Tag and I hung out in the front yard this afternoon before the kids got home from school and he had a great time building jumps for his motorbike in the little pile of snow that still remains.

After school the rollerblades came out for the first time since last fall and the boys played hockey. What I love about hockey out in the yard is that it seems to attract others. At one point I looked out and there were two other boys from the neighborhood playing as well. New kids just walking by, saw the game and asked to play. So love that. So good for the boys to get away from their ipods.And this last one is for nothing more than to show off this groovy outfit Tag was sporting this weekend. So good to be four.


Sonya said...

Some of those pictures almost look like spring!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I am glad you are back - I missed my little Symonds family time. I was actually revisiting old blogs:) Agree that the photo of Tag is great but my fave is of Cooper and Tag walking in the snow like two best buddies. Love you, Leni