Monday, February 2, 2009


At the beginning of the year I remember promising to post a Favorite Photo of the Month (FPOTM) and since we are now 2 days into the second month I better get on that. It was not an easy choice but here it is:

Now, I realize that this is not a 'good' photo in the technical sense. I realize that it really isn't even a good photo in any sense. I chose this as my favorite because of the memory it brings. On this particular evening Cooper and Hudson decided to join Reagan as she created fashionable girls with her new "My Style Studio". Hudson thought they should make such a book for boys where you could create your dream car rather than your dream outfit but since this is what they had... they created. This photo came right after I asked Cooper what that little line was just at the top of the girls shirt. "Cooper did you just draw cleavage?" I love that I made him blush - that's hard to do. I also love the little grin on Hudson's face in the background. So the FPOTM will just be my favorite, not the best. After all this is not a photography blog - it's a real life blog.


Sonya said...

Great story to go with the picture. Kids are so funny and interesting.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Hudson's little grin as well and great to know what is behind both those grins - love it!! It is a life blog and I would think this is a great one to remember to tell at their wedding some years down the track. Love you all, Leni