Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today was our second annual Valentines photo shoot.

After last year's valentines I had a reputation to uphold.

The problem was nothing was coming to me - no ideas. Until last night when the idea struck. So I picked the kids up after school and we headed down to the park for some photo taking while the light was still good. We then dropped Reagan off at art, came home for some quick editing, back to pick Reagan up and off to Walmart to get them developed. After dinner we all sat around the kitchen table and assembled them.

Here they are from start to finish. I love that they still all want to give Valentine's, even Cooper...and homemade ones at that. I have a feeling that this may be close to the last year of this so I'm enjoying it while I can.


Rochelle said...

Those are SO cute!

Sonya said...

Oh my goodness! That is the neatest thing ever! You are so clever. :)

mary said...

Those look great - I love the personal touch! (I have to admit - at first I was saying "What are they doing - are we supposed to imagine they are cupid holding a bow and arrow?" But it all came together in the end! Very cute!

olivia said...

those are adorable. i wish i could make stuff like that. tell everybody i say hi:)