Thursday, February 26, 2009


...we baked some cookies. Licking the spoon was the best part for Tag. The best part for me...his outfit. He dressed himself today (he's in a big shorts phase right now)and it just sort of cracked me up all day long, along with the little jig he did while he licked the cookie dough.
Later in the day. The outfit gets better... (I like the hand on the hip pose)
Reagan showing me her grin with that very loose tooth in front that has been driving her crazy for the past few weeks.
It finally got loose enough and I convinced her to let me pull it out. For a minute she was thrilled it was out and then she discovered that she didn't like how it felt in her mouth or how she looked so she wouldn't give me an 'after' smile.
That didn't last too long. Soon she was grinning at everyone and making phonecalls to all her peeps (Daddy, Nana...) to let them know the big news.

And yet another layer is added to the outfit.

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Anonymous said...

I love the outfit too and Reagan's grin made me smile on a Saturday when I had to come in to work cause I can't keep up! Can you make those cookies when I come home? Were they choc chip - my fave? Leni