Friday, February 20, 2009

A good lunch

Usually I don't eat a good lunch. Cheese & crackers if I'm lucky, but often just nibbles of whatever I'm feeding the kids. But I love it when I'm feeling energetic enough to make myself something yummy. Today I had one of my favorites:
Flat bread toasted with half an avocado mashed and spread on top. On top of that a mixture of greens, red onion, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and s+p. A little crumbled bacon if you have it, which I did. :) Try it - it made for a good day.
We started out with a little crafting - which Cooper requested (today was a pro-d day so all the kids were home). After checking on for ideas with came up with these two quick ones. The little purple bug up front is Reagan's and it has a marble inside of it so when you roll it down a little incline it does little somersaults. The two little cars are Cooper and Hudson's. Tag had a bug too. Reagan got invited to a friends house for a while so I took the boys for haircuts and then we picked Reagan up and picked up some ice cream before heading to the park.

Tag was much more interested in playing than in his ice cream so I have to admit that I ate most of his strawberry sundae.

Reagan and Tag had a great time and Cooper did too, being his usual annoying, ahem, I mean charming self. All of which drove Hudson crazy. This is him running away from me because he was really ticked off with Cooper and therefore didn't need a camera in his face.
So at the risk of painting the picture of a perfect, joyous family, please know that my kids (in particular, Cooper & Hudson) were driving me crazy with their whining and tattling and general annoyance.
Does anyone else ever feel like they are raising ungrateful, little pouty stinks of children, or is it just me?
All in all though, I would consider it a great day.


olivia said...

that made me laugh really hard.

Sonya said...

Your lunch look scrumptious! I'll have to give that a try sometime.

And yes, sometimes I feel like my kids are the most ungrateful people on the planet. But I just keep reminding myself that someday they'll have children and that's all the payback I'll need. ;)

Anonymous said...

It made me laugh too, Olivia. Thank goodness for school eh? I like your lunch idea too - it would work well with some tuna on it too, if you want more substance. See you all soon, yeah! Leni