Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canada Day and Fourth of July

Event #1
Our annual Canada Day BBQ did go on as planned. We huddled in blankets (at least I did) and under tarps as the rain fell and the wind blew. Okay I'm being a little dramatic but it was darn cold and it didn't feel the least bit like July. But we weathered on :) even though only three families showed up. We're pretty sure it was the weather and not the company...pretty sure.
I have not even one photo to document that event so we will move on to...
Event #2
Since our own nation's big day was a bit of a big flop, we headed south of the border only 3 days later to check out how they do it down there.
We ended up at Birch Bay with some friends that live in Lyndon, WA.
So glad we did. Lots of photos to document this one:

People everywhere but we managed to find our little spot on the beach.

Fireworks started well before it got dark and ended long after.

We got a bit of wind

a bit of rain

a bit of cold

a lot of smoke

plenty of snacks
and good company.

These two don't see each other often but it's always a good time when they do.

Happy celebrating, whatever the occasion!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun despite the cold - kind of like here. Enjoying my time with W & B but lots of rain and a bit cold. We are not letting it stop us thought, just like you. Love you, Leni