Thursday, July 15, 2010

The end of Dino Town

For anybody that grew up in BC, or the Lower Mainland at least, has probably been to Dino Town. Either as a child when it used to be called Flinstone's or with their own kids.
Last weekend when we drove Reagan and Hudson up to Camp Squeah we saw the sign from the freeway to say that this will be their last season and they are closing - forever!
This place is great when you are a young kid (I remember loving it) but as an adult, it's not a place you would choose to spend your day, or your $$$.
But with Reagan and Hudson at camp, Cooper in the Okanagon with Aunty Mary and Jake, it was just Tag and I for a whole 4 days. We needed to do something special and Dino Town it was. He is still at the perfect age to appreciate it.
We did everything one can do at this place (some things twice).
We climbed all the dinosaurs.

We rode the pedal cars.

We did the paddle boats. I put my feet up for a while because Tag decided he wanted to row all by himself. After a few minutes of going nowhere he decided he would actually like some help.

We watched the Dino stage show. Aaaaaahhhhh-mazing. (insert sarcasm here)

We rode the train.

And Taggart even took part in the parade.

All sarcasm and cynicism aside though, Tag had a really great time. And for that very reason, so did I. It was so nice to be with just him where he didn't have to share the attention or time with anyone; he could go anywhere he wanted and stay as long as he wanted.

As I went through the photos tonight he sat with me and enjoyed seeing and remembering what we did yesterday. A little while later I heard him crying somewhere. I searched for him and found him lying on his bed crying his little eyes out. I scooped him up into my lap and asked him what was wrong. He said "I'm going to miss Dino Town".
I would like to think that maybe it was the alone time with me, not dilapidated old Dino Town, that he was really reminiscing about. Also thinking that if he thinks Dino Town is so fantastic, why are we spending all that $$ to take him to Disneyland. :)

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