Thursday, July 29, 2010

An eye adventure

We have recently discovered (through a kindergarten eye screening) that Taggart has some vision concerns.

After a couple trips to the optometrist what we now know is:
His left eye has perfect vision.
His right eye has considerably less than perfect vision.
He has probably been this way his whole life.
He has adapted nicely, considering he is quite coordinated, can hit a baseball just fine, and really doesn't walk into too many objects.
The optometrist seems confident that this situation can be improved.
He will need glasses.

What we don't know is:
How long he will have to wear the glasses. (maybe always)
If he will have to wear a patch to strengthen his poor eye. (optometrist hinted at this)
How he will adapt to this new adventure.

If today is any indication, I think he will do okay.
The optometrist had to put drops in his eyes to dilate them. He didn't like it but he was a trooper.
His pupils were huge for hours. He kept calling them his pimples.

He couldn't even open his eyes outside in the sunlight so all afternoon he wore either my sunglasses or these red safety glasses that Tony gave him a while back which he thinks are sunglasses. Both are very big on his little face.

We will see a child eye specialist in a couple of weeks and he will prescribe the glasses.
Just in time for Grade One.
For someone who, as a Mom, in over 12 years has never taken a trip to the emergency room with any of my kids, I am finding this a little tough to swallow. Which I keep telling myself is silly because there are so many worse things that could happen.
But something else I know - he will look adorable in his little specs. We can all look forward to a lot of photos of that. :)

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Anonymous said...

How good does he look in those huge sunglasses! I know he will look absolutely handsome and charming in his new glasses, and very smart!! I can't wait to see the photos! Love, Leni