Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sports Day.

I was delaying my Sports Day post. I took about 60 shots that day and I know I had some great ones. Taggart's first Sports Day and he was so excited and did so great, despite the rain and cold.
But something happened to my memory card and I lost them all. All of them! I took the memory card in to the camera shop and they ran a recovery on the memory stick (for $25) and retrieved about a dozen. Unfortunately the dozen didn't include any of Taggart, except this one.

I think at least it still conveys the joy on his face as he ran the race.
Taggart was on the red team and Reagan and Hudson were on blue.

The tug of war is always my favorite part. Lots of cheering!

One more thing to note - I got a new memory card. Lost photos don't make me happy.

EDIT: Tag was sitting on my lap as I blogged this post. When he saw the blurry photo of himself he said "It looks like I'm running so fast; it looks like I'm Sonic". Blurry photos can be good memories too.

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Anonymous said...

Super Sonic Taggart! Pity about your photos but you still got some. Willi & Brenda arrive tomorrow - very excited. Our email died so won't be on email but will stay in touch. Love you all, Leni