Monday, August 2, 2010

Braun gathering

We were all together on Sunday at my brother's place for a BBQ. Well, not all of us, but as many of us as could be. Still a good group and always good to see those that we don't see often enough.
Especially for the kids - they love to see everyone and are never ready to leave when the evening is over.
Lots of general hanging out, chatting, catching up...

Reagan and Hudson laughing it up with Evie.

Cooper and Wesley got along great and Cooper was able to get lots of smiles.

Bocci ball for the boys. Cooper and Hudson always enjoy playing with their 'big cousins'.

Reagan then took my camera for a while and I had to post this one - my favorite. Not perfectly in focus but look at those beautiful green eyes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos - how nice to see my family even if from way too far away! Isn't little Wesley a cutie patutie! Love, Leni

David said...

Great pics, always makes me homesick to see the gatherings. Wish my kids could be in the mix too! Ah well, such is life. Thanks for posting.