Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canning peaches

I don't consider myself a canner, but I canned this peaches this week. All the kids just love them and it seems silly not to and buy the ones from the store when it really is very easy to do.
But as I stood at the sink, washing, peeling and stuffing the jars, I couldn't help thinking about my Mom. I have so many memories of her standing in front of her sink doing the same thing. Peaches, pears, pickles, beans, etc.
She made it seem so effortless. All of it really. Even cooking dinner every day seemed as though it just came to her easily.
Putting dinner on the table for my own family now, I realize how much effort really goes into it all, even when it's only tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (tonight's dinner).
Mom was really great at it - of course I didn't realize it then but I'm glad I have that memory of her.
It felt good to can peaches for my family this week, and I wonder if Mom thought of it that way. I have a feeling that for her there was no choice. Buying canned peaches probably wasn't something she would have done. She did it because that is what she did. I hope now that I will do it again because it is what she did, and because it felt good to do it.
Thanks Mom.


Sonya said...

Those peaches look scrumptious! I don't can very often myself but I too have great memories of my mom doing a lot of canning when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Those memories are precious and I am glad you reminded me of them - the canning, cooking & baking. A kitchen that always smelled like home! Love, Leni