Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camp-outs and Cupcakes

Tony and Tag had a camp-out in the playhouse this weekend. The evening started out with dinner out at Me-n-Ed's Pizza (Tag's choice), a trip to Castle Fun Park to ride the go-carts and other sorted activities. Then back home to set up camp. They hauled out their sleeping bags and pillows and armed with some candy and Dad's iPad to watch some 'Phineas and Ferb' episodes they were set.

Tag was so excited - it was written all over his face.
He posed for a couple photos and then was quite happy to see me go back inside so the fun could start.
I caught this one through the window as I was leaving.


Wanted to post these fun cupcakes I made for a baby shower we hosted at this month's book club.
My dear friend and neighbor, Jackie, is weeks (possibly days) away from having baby #3 and we surprised her last night by turning our regular book club meeting into a shower for her.
We kept with the book theme and all brought her children's books for gifts.
I added some "reading" quotes on these little cupcake toppers and really liked how they turned out.

Really into 'party' mode around here planning for Tag's birthday this weekend. We are hosting a "Phineas and Ferb"/surfer-dude party in the back yard. Lots of fun details that I will post after the party. Right now, we are really hoping for good weather. Cross your fingers for us.


Anonymous said...

That looks so cosy in the camp out place - nice for Tag! Can't wait to see the photos from Tag's party. Happy birthday surfer dude!!! I know you will have a nice day! Love, Auntie Leni & Uncle Mark

Anonymous said...

Fun cupcakes! I bet everyone loved them...and how simple to make hey! They look great. Julie