Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Korean Julie

We have been lucky enough to meet a family that have traveled to Canada from Korea to stay here purely for the experience and opportunity that it offers their children.
David and Cooper became friends last year at school when he was here alone, living with a relative. The rest of his family was still in Korea.

He enjoyed his year here so much that he wanted to spend another year. His Mom decided to come as well and bring both his younger brother, Tom and his younger sister, Jenny.
Last night we had them all over for a BBQ to say goodbye. They are leaving to go back home in a few days.
Cooper will miss David very much. I can't imagine how much David will miss all the friends that he has made here over the past two years.
Even though the visits that I have with my Korean Julie (I have a Canadian Julie too, so I have to distinguish between them) are not always easy because of the language issue, I have enjoyed them.
And I have also learned something from her.
She has taught me to do as much as you can with your kids - for the experience of it alone. We often don't do things because it is too much work or it is easier not to but she has packed more into her one year here than I have done with my kids in their whole lifetimes.
I do realize that money is a factor. But that aside, I so admire her courage to come to a foreign country with all her kids and no husband (he stayed in Korea - someone has to pay the bill). I can't say that I could do it.
So we won't be heading overseas to learn a new language anytime soon, but I will try to give my kids all the opportunities that I can - purely for the experience... and the joy.
Because, inevitably, we will all benefit.
Goodbye, my Korean Julie, we'll miss you.


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

It is always a learning experience when you have friends from another culture to your own. I am sure Cooper will miss David heaps! Love, Leni

Tina said...

I've been looking through your blog and your photos are beautiful. Mind sharing what kind of camera you use?