Tuesday, January 29, 2008


in their big debut...

Celebrated Tony's birthday yesterday. He got RockBand. I really thought that this could be a fun thing for everyone to do together (up to 4 players). I was right. Laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Tony's singing is not something he usually graces us with but last night he really belted out the tunes. So, so funny. And Cooper was no slouch either as you can tell from the video. Hudson gave the mic a try but he figures he'd rather stick to guitar or drums. Reagan loved the drums and wanted nothing to do with anything else. Taggart and Nana hung out and applauded.

We also had some snow this weekend. Quite a bit for our part of the world. Saturday it started coming down in the afternoon and took only about an hour to really cover everything. So we bundled everyone up and headed to the school for some sledding.

It was supposed to be date night for Tony and I but the snow was still coming down so we stayed in and watched movies with the kids.

Sunday the snow again interfered with plans. Mary and the kids were coming for dinner at Nana's to celebrate Tony's birthday but eventhough we had blue skies and they did in Vancouver, halfway in between it was a blizzard. We missed you guys and Tag was especially sad to hear you weren't coming. His words as this photo was taken were "I really want to see Rochelle".

We still had afternoon tea at Nana's and she always takes the time to make things so nice. Tony got his favorite sausage rolls and a coupon for 4 more batches whenever he wants them.

Love this photo of Nana popping into the picture at the last minute.

The snow came down all last night and all morning. But the sun is trying to come out now and I can hardly see the screen as I type this because it is reflecting in my window. Maybe after lunch we'll all bundle up again and go make some snow angels.


mary said...

Taggart - you are sooo cute!!!! I shed a few tears aswell, when we couldn't make it!!!
The snow is beautiful but sure causes problems! That's twice this year we have missed things!
Hopefully, we will see you all soon. Love, Aunty Mary xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday to you Tony! You must feel like the luckiest bloke alive sometimes with those great kids and a gorgeous wife. I would have given anything to see Rockband. Will you play for us when we come to visit? Love, Leni