Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend stuff

Just tucked four very, very tired children into bed.

Celebrated Mary's 40th birthday tonight at Mum's. Mary, you look lovely at 40, by the way. There seemed to be more tears and drama tonight than usual, all from my kids - not too sure why. A late night last night visiting with friends and the first week back to school after holidays is what I am blaming it on. But they are all in dreamland now *sigh*.

Tony shed a few tears tonight too (not really) but his teams are now out of the NFL playoffs. This is how he spent most of his weekend - four big games. I so don't get football but now that it's playoffs I try to complain less because I know the end is near.

February is near and Sundays will again become football free. Don't worry Tony - I will find things for us to do :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidy,
Yesterday was great. Thank you for the beautiful gifts and especially for all of the wonderful homemade cards. I have them on the shelf at home and they look fantastic.
See you on the 27th.